Profiles of Game Designers

Below we show profiles of SAZ members to introduce you game designers personally and also to promote contacts within the SAZ. Each member is responible itself for his content and for determining whether and with which information he releases a profile for the public or for members only. At the bottom of the profil overview you will find a search function, if required.

A list of games and members who were successful with awards and prizes in 2013, you can find here (PDF download 160 KB).


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Bernhard Lach


Personal details: My most successful game so far has been » Ausgerechnet Buxtehude Teamwork done with other designers » Uwe Rapp, Wolfgang Kramer

Publications (selection): Froschkönig (Zoch, 2003) Ausgerechnet Buxtehude (Huch and friends, 2005) Ausgerechnet Uppsala (Huch and friends, 2006) Top 3 - Fussball, - Film, - Metropolen,- Kultserien (Kosmos, 2008) Verdrehte Sprichwörter (Ravensburger, 2008) Mausesause (Schmidt, 2010) Turbo Team (Haba, 2010) Ausgerechnet Honolulu (Huch, 2011) Arschbombe (Zoch, 2011) Wer bellt denn da? (Kosmos, 2011) Flirt (W&L - Spielspass, 2011) Masterplan (Chili-Spiele, 2011) Step by Step (Schmidt, 2012) Kreuzwort (Kosmos, 2013) Zahlen-Mobile (Kallmeyer, 2013) Qwinto (NSV, 2015)