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Bruce Whitehill


Date of birth: 2011-04-01

Gender: Male

Native language: English

Other languages: learning German

Company: "The Big Game Hunter"

Address: Alte Poststr 18 29693 Eickeloh Germany

Phone number: 05164 / 80 22 70

Email address:


Personal details: I started developing games because » I began as a game collector and historian and, through this, developed an understanding of what made a good game good. My knowledge led to being hired as a game inventor at Milton Bradley Co. in Springfield, MA, mostly working on fixing others' games and eventually making my own. My first invented game was » in 1983; while working at Milton Bradley (MB), I was assigned games based on licenses--though mostly I fixed other people's games (outside submissions) and did rules writing. My most successful game so far has been » "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" In developing games, I am driven and stimulated by » imagination and the unknown creative process. My ideas come from » my head and the things I see and hear in daily life. I am particularly proud of » two or three games I have not yet sold. Teamwork done with other designers » is something I would like to do at some point. "Cultural assets of games" means to me » what playing games does for individual development, socialization and communication within a particular society. Recently, I especially enjoyed playing the game » --too many to list (too many names I forget). Besides games, my other interests are » photography, writing, travel, curling, antiques, gadgets, popular culture, 3D images, music & the arts I am looking forward to » life in Germany.

Publications (selection): Three (Drei) (Puzzlewood, 2009) Change Horses (eggertspiele, 2008) Trivial Pursuit "Know-It-All" Edition (Winning moves, 1998) Stealth (Talicor, 1996) Psychedelic Cypher Caper (Sandpiper Creations, 1995) Ripley's Believe It or Not (Milton Bradley, 1984) Championship Baseball (Milton Bradley, 1984) Centipede (Milton Bradley, 1983) Snoopy Card Game (Milton Bradley, 1983) Fraggle Rock (Milton Bradley, 1983) Talat (Huch! & friends, 2011)