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Below we show profiles of SAZ members to introduce you game designers personally and also to promote contacts within the SAZ. Each member is responible itself for his content and for determining whether and with which information he releases a profile for the public or for members only. At the bottom of the profil overview you will find a search function, if required.

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Martyn F


Gender: Male

Native language: Dutch

Other languages: Deutsch; English; Svenska

Company: Emma Games

Address: Venlo Netherlands

Personal details: I started developing games because » I like to create new worlds. But also because I like people to have a good time playing games. My first invented game was » Electricity. It was never published. Let's keep it that way. :-) My most successful game so far has been » Limes - Winner of the International Gamers Award In developing games, I am driven and stimulated by » the world around me. My ideas come from » the world around me, again. You can make a game of everything, if you want to. The trouble is to make it really good and really interesting. But perhaps you already know this. :-) Besides games, my other interests are » hiking, reading, movies, art and cross country skiing

Publications (complete): Cities (Emma Games, 2008) Wadi (Emma Games, 2007) TWRS (Emma Games, 2009) Wadi - The Watchmen (Emma Games, 2009) IT's all in the game (Emma Games, 2013) Limes (Abacus Spiele, 2014) Oklahoma Boomers + 4 expansions (Mücke Spiele/Emma Games, 2014)

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