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Below we show profiles of SAZ members to introduce you game designers personally and also to promote contacts within the SAZ. Each member is responible itself for his content and for determining whether and with which information he releases a profile for the public or for members only. At the bottom of the profil overview you will find a search function, if required.

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Liesbeth Bos


Native language: Dutch

Other languages: English, Deutsch

Email address:

Personal details: I started developing games because » I could...I was a toy designer and always enjoyed the game halls at the toy fair. I figured that I might be able to do this too, and it worked :-) My first invented game was » Quameleon for Albisbrunn Spielwaren, an abstract game, first real board game was Capt'n Clever by Zoch My most successful game so far has been » Die Erbsenprinzessin (Princess and the pea) by Haba In developing games, I am driven and stimulated by » Sheer joy! I have more inspiration than time. My ideas come from » Everywhere. Books, the kids, office suplies, hardware stores, nature, anywhere! I am particularly proud of » the rewards I received for Kissenschlacht (Amigo) end being on the Empfehlungslist for Kinderspiel des Jahres in 2012 with Zirkus Stapelix by Kosmos. I love the way this game looks! Teamwork done with other designers » I am currently working together with Anja Dreier Brückner, but this is so new, we haven't published anything together yet. Recently, I especially enjoyed playing the game » Silly card games with the kids, my own prototypes (I had to) and as always Black Vienna! Besides games, my other interests are » My two lovely kids! And being outside, biking, skating, hiking! And reading I am looking forward to » Every new day. I thoroughly enjoy my life!

Publications (selection): Gatenkaas (999 games, 2014) Capt'n clever (Zoch, 2003) Die Jagd nach dem verschollenen Schatz (Moses (co Autorin Anja Dreier Brückner), 2016) Secret Agents (Step Puzzle, 2016) Kissenschlacht (Amigo, 2010) Zirkus Stapelix (Kosmos, 2011) Funny Domino (Drei Magier, ) Die Erbsenprinzessin (Haba, 2005) Larry Lasso (Selecta, ) Siegfried und der Drache (Jumbo, ) various educational games (various (Dutch) Publishers, ) Various licensing games (Various (Dutch & German Publishers), ) Acrobatissimo ((C) asmodee edition 2012/2013, ) Les Ratoureux (mj Games, 2015) Mama Mu och Krakan (Martinex, 2015) Serowa Uczta (Trefl, 2016) De 7 Geitjes (999 games, 2015) Hokuspokus Krötenfuss (Haba, 2013) Wollmilchsau (Zoch, 2011) Jungle Run (Step puzzle, 2016) kissenstapelei (haba, 2016) Wackelbett (Haba, 2016) Gute Nacht (Haba, 2016)

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