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Below we show profiles of SAZ members to introduce you game designers personally and also to promote contacts within the SAZ. Each member is responible itself for his content and for determining whether and with which information he releases a profile for the public or for members only. At the bottom of the profil overview you will find a search function, if required.

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Roberto FRAGA


Date of birth: 1960-12-11

Gender: Male

Native language: French

Other languages: English, Spanish

Phone number: 0033299824854

Cell phone number: 0033661184854

Email address:


Personal details: I started developing games because » I liked that. My first invented game was » DRACHEN DELTA (Eurogames) My most successful game so far has been » EIERTANZ (Haba) In developing games, I am driven and stimulated by » the possibility to rajuvenate creating games !! My ideas come from » every part of the word, every thing, every movie, etc... I am particularly proud of » ... I have to look for a good answer !! Teamwork done with other designers » Odet L'Homer, Matthieu D'Epenoux, Claude Vaselli "Cultural assets of games" means to me » hummm.... Recently, I especially enjoyed playing the game » DICETOWN (Matagot) Besides games, my other interests are » to sail at sea, to dive, bicycle, roller-hockey, travels I am looking forward to » win the Kinderspiele des Jahres one day :o))

Publications (complete): DRACHEN DELTA (Descartes -Eurogames (Now Asmodee), 2000) CONTRARIO (Cocktailgames, 2001) TOPS (Ravensburger, 2002) MEXICAN HAT (Sentosphère, 2002) RUHMREICHE RITTER (Haba, 2003) TIME IS MONEY (Ravensburger, 2003) SQUAD 7 (FOXMIND GAMES, JUMBO, TF1 GAMES, MATTEL, DISET..., 2003) EIERTANZ (Haba, 2003) HOPPLA LAMA (Goldsieber, 2003) THALASSA (Bioviva, 2003) MARE POLARE (Selecta, 2004) JUNGLE MISSION (Bioviva, 2004) ANTARTIC MISSION (Bioviva, 2004) SPACE MISSION (Bioviva, 2004) RAPIDCROCO (Cocktailgames, 2004) IN EXTREMIS (Cocktailgames, 2004) MIXO (Cocktailgames, 2004) CONTRARIO USA (Foxmind Games, 2004) AFFENTANZ (Haba, 2004) GOGOGO! (Drei Magier Spiele, Schmidt Spiele, 2005) CONTRARIO 2 (Cocktailgames, 2005) ELEMENTALS (Adlung Spiele, 2005) COSMIC ATTACK (Cocktailgames, 2005) QUIEN TIENE MI CORONA ? (Educa, 2006) YOKOYOKO (Djeco, 2006) ROBINETTO (Djeco, 2006) SALUT LES FILLES (Cocktailgames, 2006) EASTER ISLAND (Twilight Creations, 2006) OPERATION SURVIE (Bioviva, 2006) XTREME LIMITS (Goldsieber, 2006) TRÖTOFANT (Haba, 2006) GESAGT GETAN (Haba, 2006) DSCHUNGEL SCHATZ (Haba, 2006) DETEKTIV KROKO (Trefl, 2006) TOP MODEL (Trefl, 2006) KELBAZAR (Djeco, 2007) KELBAZAR JUNIOR (Djeco, 2007) CRAZY RINGS (Djeco, 2007) KALLE KANALRATTE (Haba, 2007) HOT WHEELS RACES (Trefl, 2007) POUNCE (Gamewright, 2008) AUF DIE SCHATZE, FERTIG, LOS! (Haba, 2008) CHOCOCHULO (Djeco, 2008) PICO PICO (Djeco, 2008) GIB VOLLGAS! (Haba, 2009) KIMAVU (Djeco, 2009) WO WAR'S? (Ravensburger, 2009) TIME NO TIME (Goliath, 2010) CRAC LA BANQUISE (Asmodee, 2010) LES GIVRES A LA PLAGE (Asmodee, 2010) TIP TOPS (Bioviva, 2010)

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