June 10, 2017: Game Designer Convention in Goettingen (D)

2017-06-10 - 2017-06-11

The 36th Game Designer Convention in Göttingen — founded by Karin & Reinhold Wittig (Edition Perlhuhn) — is the oldest and largest meeting of game designers in Germany. An early summer must for all game designers and R&D people of the publishers. As in the recent years, about 150 game authors and people from the publishers are expected.  This year the Game Designer Association (SAZ) will be first time - beside the City of Göttingen - co-organizer of this convention, following Reinhold Wittig.

Publisher’s Mail Boxes: As in 2016, the SAZ keeps ready hanging folder as such mail boxes. Each game author may put in short descriptions of games. This should help new-comers to contact publishers. We recommend to proceed in a targeted manner and to look which publisher is suitable for which game. We will publish here mid of May a list of all participating publishers.

The sponsorship award for newcomers will be awarded for the 22nd time at the 36th Game Designers Convention on 10th and 11th June 2017 in the town hall of Göttingen. This game designer grant, financially supported by the jury "Game of the Year", is intended to provide an insight into different areas of the game scene so that the viewer is not only sharpened for pure author activity, but also a game-scientific environment and consumer perspectives. The jury "Game of the Year" will provide a sum of € 3,000 for the scholarship, which will cover travel expenses and expenses during the four-week internship. A one-week practical training at a larger publishing house, at the gaming studio Jens Peter Schliemann, in the toy retail trade and in the German Games Archives in Nuremberg, is planned. Please understand, that participants should have therefore a food knowledge of German language.

The Member Assembly of SAZ – with election of the Executive Board – will take place as every year on the evening before on Friday, June 9th. The invitation will be sent out about four weeks in advance. Participant members may finish their entry formalities for the Game Designers Convention right there and don’t have to queue on Saturday.

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